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You can visit Pelagonija region using any kind of transport. The infrastructural network of Pelagonija is perfectly  paired with neighboring regions in the country (Vardar region and Southwest region) and cross-border regions in Greece and Albania. The good road structure in Pelagonija has historical roots, because this part of the Balkan Peninsula represents a crossroads, now and in the past, of various trade routes. Much of the goods produced for the  markets in Asia  passed right through Pelagonija. Proof of this are the remains of the road VIA EGNATIA which dates from Roman times and even then was one of the main roads for the movement of military as well as goods for Asia markets.

Today, the region has excellent road infrastructure consisting of modern and regional roads that connect municipalities and settlements in Pelagonija. Rail transport is active and is a key artery in the carriage of goods and passengers, across the country and the region.

You can visit Pelagonija by :

By train: The region is connected with  the main railway line Skopje - Bitola. On its way to Bitola the train stops at train stations in the city of Prilep and smaller settlements in Pelagonija. Railway lines are regular and unvarying during the entire year. Tourusts  from Serbia and Greece could visit Pelagonija using the everyday lines from Belgrade to Skopje and from Athens to Skopje.

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By car: The road infrastructure in Pelagonija is modern and meets the needs of modern man who is constantly in motion. The north-west region and Pelagonija are connected  by roads Kicevo - Bitola and Kicevo - Prilep.  The highway Ohrid - Bitola is the connection of Plelagonija with the west of the country and also Republic Albania. With  Gradsko - Prilep highway the region is communicates  with the eastern and northern parts of the republic. To the south, the region borders with Greece and the road linking Bitola and Florina is modern and functional. The road network of the region is complex and all the settlements in it are very well connected eachother. Rural areas, that are frequent tourist destination, are also connected with urban settlements through local and regional roads.

By airplane: The tourists who come to Pelagonija use the services of  Ohrid Airport "St. Apostle Paul", who is away from Resen not more than 50 km. Also, very often the tourists come by plane at the airport in Skopje  "Petrovec" and  then combining other types of  transportation, easy get to desired destinations in Pelagonija.


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