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Location and description

"Holy Transfiguration"

This monastery complex is located nearby the village Bukovo, only 6 km. far away from Bitola. The monastery church was built in 1837. In 1845 there were two monks in the monastery, and twenty years later there were only one prior while in 1890 there was not even one monk. The inside of the church was never painted, but therefore its interior is full of hand-made carving pieces of art: the Iconostasis, one kiss of an icon, two boards placed on the western wall, and chest where the monks` gowns are kept. There are many icons in the church from 19th century and one older icon made by an unknown painter in the 18th centery. Because of the perfect climate conditions in the monastery`s surrounding, and the dense forest, the monastery is regularly visited by the residents of Bitola and nearby settlements.



In the north of the Marko`s fortresses, below the highest peak called Zlatovrv the monastery of "Treskavec" is located on a small plain between the huge rocks. The church of the monastery is dedicated to the Holy Mother of God. This monastery represents a large complex of buildings with different dates of construction. In the past, the monastery had been ruined and neglected in the 15th century.However, it had been renovated at a later date. The fresco paintings in the church were created in several time periods. The frescoes in the two towers are considered to be the oldest frescoes. Beside the great number of frescoes, the monastery church posseses valuable artistic articles: a double door placed on the western entrance of the church made in wood carvings dating from 16th century, the royal doors of iconostasis, and the Big Holy cross made in wood-carvings. Part of the monastery complex is  monastery hospice. Staying in it is free of charge. Because of its beauty visitors from all over the world come to see the  monastery "Treskavec".


"St. Arhangel and Mihail"

This monastery is located above the settlement Varos in Prilep. The monastery complex contains  church "Arhangel and Michail" and  hospise dating from the 19th century. The church has suffered many repairs and constructions of the interior, from the 11th century until the last renewal in 1861. The evidence are showing that this church is existing since the 11th century. The  frescos of Arhangel and Mihail and the figure of unidentified saint, preserved on large blocks of rocks are the oldest items preserved in this monastery. These two rocks  were crushed together in an accident, and today they lay on the floor of the church.  The present form of the church is one nave construction, with pointed east and west part. The original facade is preserved on the lower parts of the church, and the rest of the church was reconstructed.


"Holy Transmogrification"

On the vast southern slopes of the  Bushova mountain, endowed with natural beauty, lies the monastery complex St. Preobrazenie (Holy Transmogrification). It is situated at an altitude of 1662 meters on the hill Golomanica, 8km northwest of the city. The monastery was vandalized in the 19th century and the restoration begun in 1986. From the monastery you can see the entire field of Prilep. The citizens of Krusevo are still helping in the process of restoration of the monastery with love and enthusiasm. A great role in its recovery had Tose Proeski who donated finance for its renewal.


"Holy mother of God"

It is located 5 km. nearby the village Slivnica. This monastery is dedicated to the Holy mother of God. The monastery complex containes church, monastery hospise and yard. The church was built  in 1607. In 19th century a wooden bell-tower and a porch were built. The monastery mansions are used by the mounteneers and  passingers for staying at night.


"Holy mother of God"

The monastery "St.Bogorodica" (Holy Mother of God) in Jankovec  is nunnery. In it live 7 nuns. The nuns create master-pieces such as: icons, mosaics weave clothes, and embroided handiworks. The nuns go to church 5 times a day, in winter they use the small chappel, and in summertime they use the main church.  The chappel is small dark room. Inside the chappel the nun's voices sound very spiritual. They practise the rituals in old church Slavonic language.


"Holy Salvation"

The monastery "St.Spas" (Holy Salvation) is 6 km. away from the village Evla. You can come to the monastery only by foot, or with a SUV, because the church is built in a cave. Many visitors arrive here  for the Holy salvation's day (six weeks after Easter). The monastery has beautiful appearance, with beautiful overview.


"St. Petka"

The church "St. Petka" is one nave church with small dimensions, and three-side apses. The wall paintings were painted in two phases: first phase in 16th century, and the second phase in 18th century. In the monastery complex are included renewed monastery mansions and monastery yard.



"St. Jovan Preteca"

The monastery is located in the near of the village Slepce. It was built in 14th century with assistance of the Ohrid archibishopic. The monastery was important painting and publishing center. In the monastery were translated and published many church books used in the churches of Demir Hisar region. Today the church has  many historical items preserved. The most important are: "The Great cross with crucified Jesus", Tzar's gates (destroyed in fire in 1972), and wood-carved songbooks.


"St. Atanasij from Aleksandrija"

The monastery is located between the cities Krushevo and Demir Hisar. It is 3 km. far away from village Zurce. The church in the monastery was built in 1121 and its walls were painted in 1671. The church has square foundation, and five-side altar apsis in the east side. It is very rare church form on the Balkan peninsula. The monastery complex has old hospise built in early 19th century. It was destroyed in 1895. The new hospise was built after the World War one. In the past,  the monastery had library and reading room.


"Holy mother of God"

The church was important center in the period of spreading the Christian religion from Asia to Macedonia. The church was devastated during a warfare, but Bogorodica's (Holy mother of Jesus) testament was spreaded from generation to generation. Few years ago the monastery was re-built. Its architecture is byzantine. It has lots of visitors  because of its beauty and the two lakes in the nearness of the monastery.



The monastery “St.Toma” is local monastery. It was ruined in 18th century and re-built in 2002. It has four-leaf clover shape. Its construction is significant mark that the monastery is one of the oldest in Demir Hisar region and entire Macedonia. It has yard with beautifull overview.


"St. Nikola" (Toplicki)

This monastery is very old and active monastery. It is located between the villages Sloestica and Zvan. It was built in 14th century. The monastery walls were painted in 1537. The church  “St Nikola” is onenave church, with cross-shaped basis, covered with semicircular cupola. In the nearness of the church there are vestigal traces from an old two-floor hospises that surrounded the church from the east, west and south side. The monastery is under the protection of the  Institute for protection of the monumentrs in Republic of Macedonia. In the past centuries the monastery was religious, cultural, and educational center.


"St. Peter"

The monastery is located on the mountain Bigla, near the village Smilevo. This monastery (just like many monasteries in south-west Macedonia) was robbed, ruined and then re-built again. The last restoration was in 19th century buy the famous Smilevo's masons.The monastery has hospises surronded with dense forest.


"Holy Transmogrification"

The monastery "Sveto Preobrazenie" (Holy Transmogrification) is located 34 km. north-west from Prilep. It has 1000 meters elevation. In the past the monastery had 7000 м² area. Today its area is smaller. The latest archaeological researches show that the monastery was built in 9th centery. From that period is preserved monastic settlement of eremetic cells elaborately carved in rocks. In the monastery's vicinity there are findings from primeval period, bronze epoch, early and late antique, medieval ages and ottoman empire ages. The monastery complex includes: church “Sveto Preobrazenie”, the church “St.Paul and St.Peter”(14th century), the church bell tower, hospice, and other complementary facilities. In present time  the bishop of Heraclea mr. Kliment's capital is settled  in  the monastery .



The monastery is nearby the village Gradeshnica. It was built in 1826. It was made of stone, its external walls were made of concrete. The church in the monastery has one nave and  wall paintings. During the World war one the monastery was ruined, and rebuilt in 1926.  “Breshka cesma” (The tap of Bresha) is located in the monastery. It is known for it's healing ability.


"St. Eliah"

The monastery is located nearby the village Zivojno. In it there is a temple of the Prophet Eliah. According to the archaeological evidences, this temple was built on the ruins of an older temple.


"Holy mother of God"

The monastery is  1km. far-away from the village Novaci, on the right shore of the Black River. In 2006 was built the monastery temple  which is monumental construction with eight cupolas covered with copper plates, and mortar. The monastery has three naves. On the monastery apsis are painted St. George, St Nikolaj from Miron, St. Basil the Great, St. John Goldenmouthed, St. Alexei the Great, and St. Hilarion from Alexandria in real size. Above the apsis there is a Holy mother of God fresco, 8 square meters big. The greatest cupola of all is decorated with painting of Jesus Christ. The monastery has been resently hallowed.



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