Fishing Grounds

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Description and location

Fishing association "Pelister"

Vatasha 26, Bitola


Krusevo Artificial Lake

Fishing fans can catch fish in the Krusevo Lake, which is rich with (carp, maple, karate, plasica etc.) Fishing is permitted during the year, except in June.


The flow of the Black river

The Black river, its springs and the artificial lakes Strugovo, Suvodol 1 and Suvodol 2 are perfect places for fishing. Here, you can catch some catfishes, carps, maples etc.


Fishpond in Dolneni

Fish farm for breeding fishes nearby the regional highway Prilep-Makedonski Brod
Mobile: (070) 208-722


The Black river in Novaci

The main place to go fishing in Mariovo is the basin of the Black river and its confluents. The most visited fishing spots are: The Grey pool (located nearby the village Iveni) , and Stojce's pool. This two pools are rich in catfishes, carps and barbells. The river Beloca is also rich in trout.


Fishing in Mogila

The most significant fishing places are the basins of the lowland rivers: The Black river and the Shemnica river. This rivers are rich in: carps, catfishes, daces, barbells etc..



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