Hunting Grounds

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"Kajmakcalan" Bitola

Gorgi Sugarev 10,
v.Staravina, Bitola

Hunting and fishing association


"Mukos"  Prilep

Ilindenska 44a,

Hunting association


Hunting Association

Shula Mina 9, Krusevo

The forests of Bushova mountain are rich in game such as: deer, wild boar, bear, wolf, rabbits, and lynx; from birds: falcon, eagle. The fans of mountaineering can stay in the wild through the year, to deal with sport hunting during the period from October to February. Sport hunting has a long tradition for the locals, but also it serves as tourism for the tourist. Since 1990, for 15 year continuously, passionate hunters are coming from Italy from the city of Mantova. They are present in Krusevo from October to January each year in the period when they can hunt big game, and also in August when they can hunt migratory game.

Hunting grounds
in Prespa

Mountains nearby Resen

In the area of the villages Arvati and Brajchino the proffesional and amateur hunters can hunt almost every game and quarry. Even bears. During the summer in the forests of Galichica and Karaorman the hunters hunt different types of partridges and rabbits, and during the winter they hunt foxes and wild boars. During the winter you can hunt waterfowls on the frozen lake.


Hunting grounds
on mount "Nidje"


Mount Nidje in Novaci


This hunting ground is part of the commercial hunting area of Pelagonia plain. It is located in the south part of Republic of Macedonia, south-east from the city Bitola, in the area called Mariovo. The hunting ground has 20.286 hectares area.


Hunting grounds
in municipality of

Municipality Mogila

These animals are partially protected by law: deer, rabbits, squirrel,  partridge, qail, dove, duck, goose, raptors (except hawk), and owl. The deer, the eagle, vultures and otter are permanently protected.



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