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Location and description

River Dragor

The source of the river Dragor is located in the higher parts of the mountain Baba between 2000 and 2200 meters.


The Big
and the Small Lake "Pelister′s Eyes".

The Big Lake is located on an altitude of 2218 meters; it is long 223 meters, 162 wide, 14.5 meters deep. The Small Lake has an altitude of 2180 meters, about 2 km away from the Big Lake. It has circular shape, with depth of 2.6 meters.


Prilep Lake

Located in locality "Gladno Pole". The geographical position indicates the lake to be a tourist and recreation center. It covers an area of 0, 54 km. It is 1,4 km long, wide 400 to 600 m. The greatest depth is 28m.


Artificial lake "Strezevo"

Artificial lake Strezevo is located nearby Bitola. A dam was built on the river Shemnica and the accumulation Strezevo was created. Its water is used for irrigation of the Pelagonia plain,  for industrial needs in Bitola and for preventing flooding.  Also it is famous picnic spot in Bitola.20


Artificial Lake of Krusevo

Located in sport center Gumenje. Artificial lake which has a rich fund of fish, such as  carp, zool, maple, trout etc.


Prespa lake

The Prespa lake was declared for monument of culture in 1977, and in 1995 was put on the list of the most significant sites in Europe. The lake is rich in fishes. The most famous of them are: Prespa's carp and small fish Belvica.


The "Black river"

The Black river is 207 km. long and it is the longest river in the region. It is a tributary of river Vardar. Black river's spring is in the village Zeleznec. The spring has 33 m3/s average ammount of water. The confluence of the river is suitable for creating  artificial lakes. The river and the artificial lakes are rich in many types of fishes: carps , trouts, catfishes etc. In  bigger rivers live otters, which is basis for developing fishing-tourism.


Spring in village Debreshte

Spring with 100 liters per second capacity located at the entrance of the village Debreste.


"Gradeshka river"

The river was declared a natural rarity, and was protected buy law. The Stone bridge in the village Zovik is testimony of the skills of the great Mariovo's masons.



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