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Location and Description

"Baba Mountain"

The Mount Baba is an integral part of the Rhodope mountain system that stretches from the southern Balkan Peninsula and in Bulgaria, Greece and Macedonia. Situated between the Lake Prespa and Pelagonija plain, the highest peak Pelister dominates whit his height and beauty.


"Bushova Mountain"

Krusevo is characterized with excellent natural conditions for the development of mountain tourism and hiking in summer and winter, mountain biking, mountaineering training for skiing. In winter the configuration of the terrain, height above the sea, climate and alternately barren and forested areas are elements that allow tracing of pedestrian pats on the snowy trails. For the passionate climbers who are willing to walk a long tracking path marked marked by mountain stamps in length of 30km, to the top Musica, on an altitude of 1788meters, there is the “ Lovecka Kuka”, fully equipped with 15 beds for accommodation where the climbers can rest.



Mountain Galichica is part of the National park Galichica. The most visited peak on the mountain is peak ”Magaro”. This peak is not the highest peak on the mountain. The highest point of the mountain is the elevation with the altitude of 2265 meters. The elevation is nearbuy the Albanian border. To come to the peak “Magaro” , first you have to rich to the mountain pass (3,5 hours on foot).  From the pass you have to walk 1,5 hours to conquer “Magaro”. Up there there is a beautifull overview, you can look at the same time at Ohrid lake and Prespa lake. On this mountain there is no resort.


"Bigla", "Ilinska"
and “Plakenska”

The mountains “Bigla”, “Ilinska”, and “Plakenska” (“Plakenska” has the highest peak-2000 meters) are separating the  Demir Hisar region from  the Prespa region and Ohrid region. The whole area has lots of iron minefields and that’s why the area is called Zeleznik (Zelezo-Iron). This region had different names in different periods.


Mountain "Ilinska"

Mountain “Ilinska” is one of the oldest mountains on the Balkan peninsula. The mountain has different types of flora, pastures, springs, plants and animals, and has perfect conditions for developing summer and winter tourism. The highest peak is Liska with 1908 meters elevation.This mountain is probably the  cleanest enviroment in Republic of Macedonia.



The mountain Dautica is part of the bigger mountain Jakupica. The mount is named after a man called Daut. He and his family colonized  the mount's hills nearby the village Cheples.



Mount Babuna is located north-east of  Prilep, between Pelagonia plain's north part and Veles canyon. Highest hill on the mountain is Kozjak. It has elevation of 1748 meters. Other significant hills are: Mukos(1445 m.) and Kadijica(1422m.). Mount Babuna is known for its bonanzas.



Mount Nidje is located in the south of the country. It is natural boundary with Greece. Highest peak is Kajmakchalan with elevation of 2521 meters. This mountain is very similar to the mountains Jakupica and Baba. The mountain is composed of  Paleozoic shales, and in higher parts of the mountain there are mesozoik chalkstones. This mountain has dense forests, pastures, flora and fauna.  There are specific types of fauna,  (widespread from the Mediterranean to North Europe) here deployed in very small area, from the foot  to the top of the mountain. Nidje borders Pelagonia plain, Skochivir's canyon, basin of the Black river, mountain Kozjak, and Gradishtanska river.



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