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National park  "Pelister"

In the southwest part of Macedonia, between the Prespa valley on the west and the Pelagonia plain on the east, Baba mountain with its peak Pelister (2601 altitude) is located. Because of its natural beauties that includes forests of boron- Molika, as a relic of tertiary flora, granite masses which was built Pelister, and it morphological relief, especially in alpine glacial landscape of the mountain in 1948, with a special law Pelister ias proclaimed as first national park in Macedonia and in former Yugoslavia with a great significance in the cultural history of the nation. The National Pak Pelister is 15 miles away from Bitola. Its spreded on 65km, with an altitude of 700 to 2600 meters.

National park  "Galicica"

The National park Galichica was declared for national park in 1958, with one idea-to protect the flora and fauna in it. The park is located on the mountains between The Great Prespa lake (east border of the park), and the Ohrid lake (west border of the park). The park has 22 750 hectares. The National Park has deposit of 20 endemic plants-12 of them are local endemics. In the park there are 26 fauna endemics. The National Park Galichica and the National park Prespa in Albania are separated with the national border between Macedonia and Albania.

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