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Institute and museum

St.Kliment Ohridski nn, Bitola.
Phone: (047) 233 187
Phone: (047) 229 525
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It is located in one of the most significant historical monuments in Bitola in the Old Barracks building. This facility was built in 1848, when Bitola went through its biggest development. It was built as a military high school. The most important period of the existence of the military barracks is closely related with the period when Mustafa Kemal Ataturk- the father of Modern Turkey was educated in this facility. In his honor in 1998, a memorial room was open within the museum. It is open for visit every day from 06:00 – 19:00 o’clock.


Cultural centre in Bitola

Marshal Tito nn, Bitola

The Cultural Center in Bitola is a national institution in the field of culture, with main activity to promote, present and  to affirmate  art creations . It was established  in the  1980s.
In the Cultural center  numerous events are organized: "International Festival of monodrama", International Festival of Film Camera "Manaki Brothers", the  Festival of folk songs and dances "Ilinden days" and many others. One of the basic ideas of the Cultural Center is to promote the development of the art activities and individual artists from all cultural fields.


Institute for Protection of Monuments of Culture and Museum

Makedonski 142,
Phone: (048)414-925
Phone: (048) 401-090
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In 1995 with the decision of the National Board of the Municipality of Prilep, the National Museum was founded.  Transforming into the Institute for Protecting and Preserving Cultural Monuments, natural rarities, despite its museum institutional performs activities the Institute has also preserving activity. Currently within the Institute and Museum- Prilep, the following departments are part of it: Department of History, Department of Architecture, and Department of History of Art, Department of Ethnology and the Museum of Tobacco.


Cultural centre Marko  Cepenkov

Goce Delcev nn, Prilep
Phone: (048) 425-520

The most important institution for development of the culture in Prilep. The centre for decades support the art-work of the local, and national artists, improving the cultural life in the city. City library, small and big theater scenes are part of the cultural centre Marko Cepenkov.


Center for
Contemporary Art

Goce Delcev nn, Prilep
Phone: (048) 425-788

The Center for contemporary art has stored more than a thousand art works during the past art summers in Prilep. Some of the sculptures are decorating the city of Prilep


Institute for Old Slavonic Culture

Кicevsko Dzade nn,
Phone: (048) 412 715
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The public educational Institute for Old Slavonic Culture- Prilep was founded on the 15th of July 1979, beginning with its work on the 1st of July 1980.
The institute is generally dealing with the ethno- genesis of the old Slavs, through the scientific work of the archeologists, art historians, ethnologists, linguistics and other historical sciences. Established as center for research of the Old Slavic Culture in the City Museum of Prilep, in 1980 it became to work as an independent institution of scientific nature. Its founder is a former director of the City Museum of Prilep, Prof. PhD. Bosko Babic. Later, in 1980, he became its director.


"Borka Taleski"

Goce Delcev,
Phone: (048) 420-066
Phone: (048) 424-344

The City Library represents a cultural  institution that has а printed fund with over 113, 000 publications and over 2500 completed daily newspapers and magazines, reference books, manuscripts, documents, record, video tapes, a collection of rarities, doctoral and master’s Papers, posters, and collection of foreign literature. The Library has a reading room for studying, reading room for monitoring the press and reading room for studio work.


Cultural Centre
"Naum Naumovski  Borce"

Koca Mileniku 71,
Phone:(048) 477-101

The Cultural Center is the  place where most the cultural life of the people from Krusevo is held.



Cultural centre
"Dragi Tozija"

29ti Noemvri 47, Resen
Phone: (047) 551-021
Mobile: (071) 578-978
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The cultural center "Dragi Tozija" is founded in 1978. It is settled in ”Saraj” The cultural center has many activities. Some of them are: publishing, librarianship, artistic activities, folklor, music performacies, theater acts, education and research and development. Also the center is place where many events are taking place: poetry reading, concerts, art performancies, exibitions etc. It is center of gravity for the artists of whole Prespa region. The pride of the center is its library with 31 752 books in it.


Cultural centre " Ilinden"

Marshal Tito nn. Demir Hisar

The cultural center "Ilinden" is the main institution where most of the cultural events are organized (presentations, poetry readings, meetings,). The theater and the library are part of the cultural center. The library has books of foreighn and macedonian authors. The cultural centrer has also folk ensemble with pioneer, junior, and senior group, and own orchestra. The ensemble has all in all 150 members. It was established in 1993.

Internatgional art
and sustainable development
"Art point-Gumno"

Demir Hisar

The Art center organize Art Residence once or twice a year. In it  participate two renowned foreighn artists. They stay in village Sloestica, and they have to create something useful for the village or the village people.


Private library "AL-BI"

Demir Hisar

The library has fund of 12.000 books. Some of them are unique and written in Arab, Turkish, or Old Slavonic language. This is the first private library in Macedonia, established in 2004 with decision of the Ministry of Culture of RM. The books of this libray were part of several exhibitions  in the past 6 years. The library is located in house with traditional apeareance, and today represents main tourist attraction in the area of Demir Hisar.



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