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National park Galicica was declared  in 1959 in order to protect its natural beauty and diverse flora nad fauna. The park is located on the mountain range between The great Prespa lake on the east and Ohrid lake on west. Galicica National Park encloses area of 25 000 ha.

Lowest elevation in the park is Lake Ohrid (695m above sea level), next Lake Prespa (850m a.s.l.), and the highest point is the summit Magaro (2255m a.s.l.).  South border of the National Park is also a national border with Republic of Albania, on the west the Park borders with the shoreline of Lake Ohrid.  On the north, the border line passes through several landmarks, and connects both lakes.  Starts at St. Petka monastery in the village of Velgoshti, continues in a straight line to the high point Visesla.  From there, through the valley of Petrino, locality Istok, to the summit of Samar, and from there goes down to the locality of Sir Han near Lake Prespa.  Eastern border goes along the shore of Lake Prespa to the Albanian border, and encompasses the "Big Town" island in the Lake Prespa.


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