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"Pelister′s Eyes"  is complex of two tectonic lakes called   “Big Lake” and “Small Lake”. “Big Lake” lies at an altitude of 2218 meters, it is 223 meters long, 162 wide and 14.5 meters deep. “Small Lake” has an altitude of 2180 meters and it is about 2 km. away from “Big Lake”. It has a circular shape, with the greatest depth of 2.6 meters.  The bravest mountaineers in the hot summer months swim in  the “Big Lake”. In winter-time the lakes often freeze. Marked mountain trail that starts from the village Nizho Pole near Bitola, leads to the the both lakes.

There is a local legend about the origins of the lakes. Once upon a time there were two sisters from Bitola, who fell in love with a handsome boy named Pelister. But their mother didn`t wanted any of her daughters to marry Pelister. Therefore, she cursed the sisters for ever and ever to be close to each other, but never to see each other, and exiled them in the mountains. The two sisters came to a random place in the mountain and started to cry. From their tears, the two lakes were created.

There are eight mountain trails leading to the lakes. The most frequently used is the trail that starts from Nizepole and leads to the lakes via Debel Rid (The Fat Hill). This route is the easiest one, and takes 3-4 hours to complete it. If you want to visit the Small lake first, you should take the route that starts from Nizepole and follows the Red river. To do this you will also need 3-4 hours walking. The mountain trail that starts from Kopanki and takes about 6 hours to complete it, and the  Rocky trail that takes more than 5 hours to complete it, are also frequently used routes that lead to the the lakes. Several years ago, mountain trail that starts from the village Brajcino and leads to the Big Lake via the peaks Rzana and Suce, was marked.

There is a mountain lodge neraby the BIg Lake. The name of the lodge is "Dimitar Ilievski-Murato". DImitar Ilievski -Murato was the first macedonian who ascented Mount Everest. The lodge has dining-room, and sleeping-rooms. To stay in the lodge you need to pay simbolic price. The lodge is open for guests from may 9 to november 1.

In the both lakes live specific kind of of Pelister trout. Wildlife of the mountain Pelister consist of: black bears, wolves, foxes, rabbits and the red-beak crow that is unique kind of bird in the world.

The mountain lodge "Pelister" organizes tours for larger groups of visitors with proffesional tour guides.

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