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In Pelagonija region there are perfect conditions for sport fishing. Main water potentialfor this sport is the biggest river in the region - the Balck river. The river is rich in these types of fishes: belvica, carp, catfish and some other smaller fishes. Sport fishing is allowed on the small water accumulations Strugovo, Suvodol 1 and Suvodol 2.

In Mariovo region the most visited fishing spots are: The Grey Pond, and Stojces pond, nearby the village Iveni. On these places the fishermen hunt: carp, catfish, and barbell. The river Beloca is rich in: catfish, daces, and maples.
The most significant rivers for sport fishing are: Shemnica, and Black River. They are rich in: catfishes, carps, daces, maples, and barbels .


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