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Pelagonia region is located in south-west part of Macedonia, bordering with Greece and Albania, and it’s the largest region in the country. The lowlands are at an altitude of around 550-900 meters above sea level, while the highest peak of the mountain Baba, Pelister sits at 2601 meters aboce sea level. The climate of the region is midly continental, the summers here are dry and hot, while the winters are cold and wet. The clean unpolluted nature, is ideal for rural tourism and production of organic food. This region was always a cross-road, a meeting point of east and west, starting from Via Ignatia in the times of the Roman Empire and continuing today with Corridor 10. Pelagonia region is a land that offers almost everything you can imagine, all you have to do is know were to look for it.

Tourism in Pelagonia has long tradition. The region offers different types of activities, culture, landscapes, natural beauties, and most of all-great welcome for everybody. Pelagonia is perfect mix of past and present. Here, you can experience modern life and macedonian tradition, all in one place. People from Pelagonia are known for their hospitality and  mannners. Polite and friendly ,they will offfer you to taste some of their food, wine, and homemade brandy. Of course, staying in their homes is usual and normal tradition, gained for centuries. They will also share some stories of their lifes, while you seat by the fireplace.

Services in Pelagonia are modern and well-developed. People working in this sector are highly proffesional. Their moto is "the customer is always right". Transportation is well organized and  it can satisfy  all travelers needs. The road network of the region is good, and it is connected with other parts of Macedonia, and foreighn regions in other countries.  Travel agencies, bus stations, tow services, and postal services offer quality services for their customers. They are key factor in the tourism development of Pelagonia region.



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