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Pelagonia region is the cradle of the Macedonian culture and tradition. People left a trace of time in which they lived. Cultural heritage is rich, and the people of this region are very proud of it. There are many different archaeological sites, Heraclea being the most important one, many churches and monasteries from the Byzantium period abundant with valuable icons, frescoes, and also objects from the Islamic culture, religion and tradition.

Pelagonija is a treasury of Macedonian culture. Here, through the centuries was enriched Macedonian tradition and much of the material and Intangible heritage of  Macedonian people. Present culture of people in Pelagonija was born and developed through the centuries, influenced by various civilizations that lived here and left a lasting mark on modern living. Started to grow since the first colonization of this region, dating from the late Bronze Age. In Roman era were built large number of buildings, settlements and facilities that are preserved to this day.

With the settlement of the Slavs, they brought their culture which influenced the culture of the population that lived in that period in Pelagonija. Because of new emerged need for improved communication between different cultures  existed in single territory, in this period of the history were created Glagolitic and Cyrillic alphabet.

In the time of Byzantine empire, material culture in Pleagonia had great progress, because in this period were created many churches, monasteries, and other sacral buildings. They still fulfill their purpose as a spiritual refuge for all believers.

During the Ottoman Empire, the region was imposed as an administrative and trade center that certainly reflected in the culture that was created back then, and whose characteristics and influences are reflected in the everyday life of modern people.

Today, Pelagonija intensively cultivate and create culture that is specific only  for this part of Macedonia, which greatly contributes to accelerated development and progress of general civilization.



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