Macedonian food has famous gastronomic characteristics. Here, in Pelagonia you can see and taste the Macedonian food originally cooked in a traditional way. The restaurants offer traditional meals, and if you want to try international food there are pizzas and fast-food snacks.

Pelagonia has a long  tradition of culinary delights. Over the centuries, many civilizations have enjoyed the produce of its fertile soil.Today, Pelagonia  is the agricultural heartland of Macedonia, filled with a wonderful variety of foodstuffs native to both Mediterranean and Central European climates. Pelagonia can offer such variety of products including everything from citrus fruits, grapes and hazelnuts to tobacco, rice and mountain teas.

Pelagonia is known for producing beef, chicken, pork and lamb, and a whole range of game. Pelagonia’s  lakes and rivers are rich in variety of  fish. The most famous of all is Lake Prespa Carp.

Pelagonia is especially well known for its cheeses: soft white cheese,  yellow cheese, and  yoghurt and milk. Many Pelagonian villages offer unique and tasty local varieties.

Traditional Pelagonian cuisine combines Balkan and Mediterranean flavours, inherited largely from Turkish tastes. Some specialties, such as "taratur"(sour yogurt with bits of cucumber), "pindzur" (cream salad with peppers and eggplant) and the world-famous baklava are characteristic of Balkan cuisine in general.

Pelagonian dishes like "gjomleze", "shopska salata" (a salad made of sliced tomato, cucumber and onion, topped with ground soft white cheese), "selsko meso" (pork chops and champignon mushrooms in a rich brown gravy),   and of course, ajvar (the national sauce, made from sweet red peppers) are its richness, and they make Pelagonia  worldwide known region.



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